your cycling adventures with gear that redefines the standards of excellence, ASIEVIE
delivers a new intelligent cycling helmet super-packed with handy features.
From the powerful front headlight to remote Bluetooth control and speakers, the
future of cycling helmets is right in front of you!


- Front:
Experience immense visibility at night with the 300-lumen LED light that
assures 20m range. Even more, this dimmable headlamp (which can be dimmed to
70%, 50%, and 30%) has SOS/flashlight feature in case of emergencies.

- Back:
At the back, we smartly placed left and right turn signal lights and big rear
lights for enhanced visibility and maximum safety when riding at night.

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When it comes to
cycling, the last thing you want is flimsy helmets that don’t snugly fit your
head. With the ASIEVIE Smart Bike Helmet H1 Pro, you can easily fit and adjust
the helmet with the head and chin

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Crafted with an IPX5 waterproof-rated body
in a futuristic shape you are set to illuminate your rides for years to come.
Don’t worry about the comfort for the long rides, since we refined the material
structure to use breathable materials.

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